Monday, September 10, 2012


Me mudé a escribir con mi amiga Sofía un nuevo blog. Esta en pasen a visitarnos.


Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Hunt [part. 2]

Before letting my last week of relaxation end, I had to visit one of my favorite places in Mexico city: Condesa. I went to have breakfast (my favorite meal as you have noticed :D) with a couple of friends at a very laidback restaurant called "El ocho".

After that, I went to "hunt" some articles and art exhibitions. Condesa is well known for being the most appropiate neighborhood for this means. Some, even refer to it as the Mexican version of New York's Soho. Since Condesa is a pretty big area, I narrowed down my tour to one street (yes, all the pictures were taken in only three blocks from one street) which was Colima.

I started my tour visiting a gallery called DFC. After that I went to the museum of the object of the object (weird name right?), it currently exhibits a very cool shoe collection which I really wanted to see (and it was absolutely worth it, they had some awesome kicks). Then, I went to a concept store/gallery called Guru. Aftwerwards, I went to goodbyeflok, which is a store that carries vintage apparel and accesories. And to finish my day I went to another very nice concept store called 180º.

Ps. If you've liked my blog so far, please follow me and be sure come around on monday. This day I'll be starting the regular posts including outfits and other topics I'm pretty sure you'll like.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Hunt [part.1]

Searching  for another piece for our wardrobes or accesories drawer is a complex task, it's kind of a hunt. In this hunt (beloved by fashion bloggers) we are limited by various aspects that only allow us to get hold of certain pieces, like our budgets, the stores located near ourselves or the ones we stop by during our trips. I mean, who doesn't like a leather bracelet by Hermès or Alexander McQueen, I guess most of us. Even though, there are pieces that may not have the iconic meaning or the maison's legacy behind, but instead have their own story and are ready to continue it with a new owner.

This hunt led me to Coyoacan last tuesday, one of the most charming places and a must-visit spot if you're visiting town. Coyoacan houses one of the biggest craft markets in Mexico (lucky me!). During my visit I could put my hands on various articles with lots of meanings and at very reasonable prices. And of course, to satiate one of my fixations, a pair of bracelets with skulls. Which one is your favorite?


Tuesday, January 3, 2012


After the new year euphoria I realized I only had one week of winter break left. While planning my last week I couldn't leave out a day including two of my favorite activities: Having a nice brakfast and going to a cultural exhibition.

Yesterday I crossed out this activities from my list by having breakfast at one of my favorite spots called Carolo, a restaurant located in Polanco which is a branch of the classic one located in Bosques de las Lomas. Breakfast was delightful as always, if you have the chance to visit it don't hesitate on trying the hot chocolae with sweet bread and the eggs benedict.

Afterwards I went to visit the Soumaya museum which is nextdoor. This museum hosts the second largest collection of Rodin's sculptures and features works from many famous artists such as Salvador Dalí, Renoir, Cézanne among others. I hope you're making the most out of winter break as well.


Neo what?!

Sybaritism [n.] A love of luxury. Alluding to Sybaris, a Greek colony in Italy noted for its luxury.

One of the purposes of this blog is trying to revive this concept by giving it a modern twist, that's the reason why I chose such a complex title. This week is my last free week from winter break. I'll try to keep you posted but it won't be until next week when I start posting on a regular basis. 

Posts will be classified by type according to the days of the week. Certain days will include outfit posts, others will talk about restaurants, art and so on. I hope you have a good time reading me and thanks for stopping by.


Sibaritismo [n.] Un amor por el lujo. Haciendo alusión a Sybaris, una colonia griega reconocida por sus lujos.

Uno de los propósitos de este blog es intentar revivir este concepto dándole un giro moderno, esta es la razón por la cual escogí un título tan rebuscado. Esta semana es mi última semana de vacaciones de invierno. Intentaré postear, pero no será hasta la próxima semana cuando empiece a postear regularmente.

Los posts se clasificarán de acuerdo al día de la semana. Algunos días serán outfit posts, otros hablaran de restaurantes, otros de arte y así sucesivamente. Espero que disfruten el blog, gracias por leerme.


Sunday, January 1, 2012

New year, new blog

With the beginning of a new year comes a wave of expectations, resolutions and of course new goals. This year I'm taking advantage of this season to pursue one of the projects I've always wanted to start, this blog. Be prepared for lots of posts mainly regarding fashion, fine dinning and art (more info in the "about" tab). Oh and please don't hesitate when it comes to giving your feedback. Happy new year and I hope you enjoy this blog.

Con el inicio de un nuevo año viene una ola de expectativas, propósitos y por supuesto nuevas metas. Este año aprovecho esta temporada para comenzar uno de los proyectos que siempre he querido empezar: este blog. Prepárense para muchos posts que incluirán principalmente notas de moda, restaurantes y arte en general. Por favor no se ahorren sus comentarios. Feliz año nuevo y espero que disfruten este blog.